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photo of house in PolandThe Klodzko Valley is renowned for its beautiful scenery and attractive historical towns. Yet local tourism has been in a state of decline since the war, something that concerned several narrators. Some older residents could remember a time when places such as Poreba were "beautiful tourist villages". Tourism did flourish briefly after the war and there are still isolated pockets of activity, but generally, there has been a gradual deterioration in local facilities, including the once popular Spa. One new trend is the buying of old farm and village houses by "Germans and wealthy Poles" who turn them into summer homes.

Those narrators who see a future for tourism generally agree that the greatest potential now lies in agro-tourism: hiking, angling, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, horseback riding and even the local tradition of mushroom and berry picking. One enthusiast acknowledges, however, that the local tourist infrastructure is in poor condition, and much investment will be needed to raise facilities and accommodation to the standard of resorts in countries such as Switzerland and Germany.

quotes about tourism

""This region here, the Eastern Sudety Mountains, I mean the neighbourhood of Stronie, Ladek, was a well-known area before the war.and Stronie Slaskie, was a typical holiday village for the pre-war high life of Wroclaw.... Directly after the war, there were two large hotels in the region. Both have been demolished.... There was also a time, also after the war, when the Employees' Holiday Fund was very active. There were numerous holiday houses in the region. Now they practically don't exist any more.""
Krzysztof, M/60, scientist, Poland 22

""There is this road sign saying Ladek 14 km, and you go across those magnificent mountains, go downhill and that's where we live. It is like somewhere in heaven... over the hills and far away.... [The agro-tourism we will offer] is something wonderful, such an active relaxation, with the close contact with nature you want to see.""
Sylwester, M/50, surveyor, Poland 10

"".tourism now is of the consumptionist type.... they would like to get everywhere in a car, no effort, no climbing, no hiking.... In the past, Polish Tourist Association (PTTK) organised qualified tourism, hiking the mountains. You scored points, obtained badges. Nowadays, I can't see such a trend. No trace of ambition in the tourists to obtain high-grade tourist or mountain badges.... nowadays, it's died out. Everyone wants to be comfortable, they would like the coach to take them to the peak of the mountain, admire the views for a moment, have something to eat, and return.""
Miroslaw, M/70, retired forestry engineer, Poland 27

""Shortly after the war, a lot of tourists came here for the holidays. Until 1952, some families, friends came for holidays to where my parents were living.... Even after the war, it flourished. Everything went into decline when they started setting up kolkhozes (workcamps) in '51, '52 and '53. After 1956, there was some revival, even an economic one. The farmers were taking over their farms again. But that revival didn't last long.""
Adam, M/62, vice-president of Siberian Deportee Assoc., Poland 21

""There is this... nostalgia of the Germans, who used to live here... they have bigger chances of development, because they are going to come here to their roots, to the places where their grandfathers were born, and this will strengthen tourism... Thanks to that the infrastructure will grow... Klodzko Valley is one of the most beautiful places. in the country, it still has this chance, this perspective of development because of the connections with the... the richest part of Europe.""
Kazimierz, M/45, forester, Poland 30

key testimonies featuring tourism

  No.   Name   Sex/Age   Occupation   Location  
Summary Transcript   10   Sylwester   male/50   geodesist (surveyor)   Orlowiec  
Summary Transcript   16   Stanislaw   male/81   retired forester   Miedzylesie  
Summary Transcript   21   Adam   male/62   vice-president of Siberian Deportee Association   P  
Summary Transcript   22   Krzysztof   male/60   scientist   Stronie  
Summary Transcript   27   Miroslaw   male/70   retired forestry engineer   Bystrzyca Klodzka  
Summary Transcript   30   Kazimierz   male/45   forester   Strachocin