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The testimonies on this site are all grouped by location. Go to the locations menu to choose a country that interests you.

The testimonies have also been indexed by theme. Go to the themes menu for a full list of themes. From there, you can go to more detailed discussions of each theme in relation to particular locations, and see a list of relevant testimonies.


When you find a testimony that interests you, the first thing you will see is a summary of the interview.  This is followed by a detailed breakdown of the interview, cross referenced to the actual transcript. 

The summaries can be found by searching for the testimonies by location or theme.


The transcripts are unedited translations into English of the originals, and include the interviewer's questions. We are aware that the quality of translation varies: this is partly a reflection of funding limitations; partly because some testimonies were gathered in local languages with no written form and so were transcribed into the national language; and because we favoured local knowledge in a translator above extensive professional experience. Many testimonies retain local words and phrases: all collections have been glossed as completely as is possible under the circumstances.

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Ethical use
All narrators agreed to be part of this project because they wished their experience and opinion to reach a wider audience. Yet opening up access to the interviews by publishing them on an international website makes it more difficult for Panos to monitor the contexts in which their words might be used. Occasionally you may find that a narrator's full name appears somewhere in the testimony, but always observe the rule that when you refer to a narrator or quote from a testimony, you use the first name only; and please respect the original context in which a testimony was given.

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