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Section 1
Today I am with my brother-in-law at Hill Park to take his interview. First of all I want to tell you about this programme. This program is called the “Oral Testimony Program” and it is the joint project of PANOS and SNT. Through this program we try to gather the good views, ideas and events of one’s life to publish it in the a booklet to make it available to the people world wide that people should read it and learn lesson about us from it. After completing the interviews you will also get a (copy of) the booklet as a gift from PANOS.

So we will start our interview by the question that I want to know about your childhood?
Bismillah Rehman-e-Rahim (In the name of God the magnificent and the most merciful). I am thankful to you, PANOS, as well as to SNT for organising such a beautiful programme. I am not that much old, and intelligent to remember all those events which have been passed during my lifetime. But any way I will try to share some of my memories with you, which I couldn’t forget yet. As you know I am the only son of my parents, and I was born after my parents had many daughters and no son. That is why my family and my parents have brought me up with great care and love. The second thing, which I still remember, is when I used to play with my cousin Jalal ud Din and my neighbor Aziz Karim in my childhood.

What sort of games you were playing in your childhood?
We were gathering a lot of sticks, and we used to play pishmoh.

Could you please tell us in detail about that game?
Pishmoh is a game played between two teams, in that we used to make small mounds of sand. The opposite team used to eliminate those mounds and the remaining mounds, which they couldn’t find and eliminate were counted. The teams who have more remaining mounds will be the successful one. Pishmoh is an old and traditional game. Two teams are needed to play this game, in that you have to make small mounds of sands in different places, there is no limit to make the mounds, it depends on you that how many you can make. In this game we usually try to choose those places where your opposite team will not be able to reach, and can’t see the mounds of sand. One team is supposed to make pishmohs, and when they come back then the other is asked to go for removing the pishmohs. When they come back then the first team goes to remove their pishmohs. When both of the teams come back, then both used to inspect the places where we both have put our pishmohs. After counting the remaining pishmohs, the team who had more remaining is declared the winner. So it was my favourite game during my childhood.
After sometimes the craze of cricket reached our village; we saw our seniors playing cricket and we also started taking an interest to learn that game. After learning that game I start crying at home that they should provide me with a bat at any cost, so at last they were forced to take out the arm of a spade as a bat for me to carry on my game. I was the only and dearest son of my father, and he always tried to fulfil my requirements as compared to my other friends. Because of this a crowd of boys usually gathered around my home, we used to play together without caring for the weather that whether it is clear, raining or snows falling. And these were some of the events of my childhood.
When I reached school going age, then my father showed an interest that I should go to school to get education. When I was going to school for the first time, my mother prepared putuk (sacred dish of bread and milk for special occasions). My mother and my Aunt Rozina mother of Ghullam Shah bhai (brother) took me to the school along with the putuk. When we were on our way to school, we met ustad (teacher; master) Daulat Amin’s mother, whom I called elder mother and she also joined us to the school. When I got in, I became surprised to see the situation, all the boys started staring at me, but I didn’t care for them, I was confident at that time because my mother was with me. I held my mother’s hand while standing in front of the ustad; he welcomed me, set me in front of himself and started teaching me. When I turned back, I couldn’t find my mother there, and I start crying. My teachers gave me courage by giving examples of my other friends like Ashraf Karim etc, but I continued crying because I was separated from my mother for the first time. So my teacher called my mother back, she waited for me at the school gate until my teacher finished the lesson. Ustad Daulat Amin instructed me “to go along with your mother today and tomorrow you should come to school without your mother”.
On the second day when I was getting ready for school, I again asked my mother to come with me, but slowly I became used to it. But sometimes I didn’t want to go to school because I wasn’t able to be separated from my parents, and my parents never forced me to go to school, because they didn’t want to make me angry at any cost. But anyway, I can’t remember exactly how I passed my “nursery class”. When I was in class two, sometimes I used to go to school but sometimes I didn’t. One day I heard that I am supposed to sit in the examination, and ustad Aman Ullah will be our examiner. When I sat in the exam, he asked oral questions, asked us to read paragraphs from the book, because there was no system of written exams. Ustad Aman Ullah was calling the students one by one, when it was my turn. he called my name I went to him and he asked me to read a verse from the Holy Quran (Islamic holy book), I asked the teacher that he should tell the first word, he replied that I also don’t know the first word, he further asked three or four questions but I asked the same thing to do that he should tell me the first word and I will continue then. At the end he told me that I have passed the exam, so now I can go. I was promoted to the next class. It was the generosity from the teacher’s side that he had passed me so that I could be able to continue my further studies.
My teachers never punished me on my absentee from the school, rather they encourage me to be regular for the next time. The teachers always used to gave me prizes for my encouragement, that I should give concentration to my studies. I was very weak in my studies compared to my other class fellows. Some of my friends always used to remind me that I am so weak in studies, due to which I thought sometimes that I should discontinue my studies and participate in games, and I have been participating in games for a long time, but slowly I started taking an interest in my studies.
Section 3
What were the events, which created an interest in you to continue your studies?
The main event was that whenever I sat with my friends for combined studies, I always felt that I am so weak among them. To overcome this weakness I promised myself that I would work hard to be on their level. Among my friends, Ghazi Karim, Ashraf Karim, and Afreen Shah were my closest friends, they told me that you are not regular in attending the classes and you are so weak in reading and writing. They also said that after getting their education they would fly airplanes, and when we will be here in Shimshal, we would see you giving water to your fields with a spade, wearing plastic shoes on your feet. They repeated the same wordings for many times, but I never cared for them.
When my teachers saw that I would not change with politeness then they started treating me harshly. One day we all friends were in the classroom, when our teacher Muhammad Raza showed me a student Muhammad Sami of class two who was fluently reading his lesson. Our teacher told me that I should be ashamed that I am in class five but not able to read fluently like Muhammad Sami. I was really shocked by this and felt guilty about myself. After school when I reached home I told my parents about the same happening but they also did a favour to the teacher and have advised me to concentrate on my studies. So in the same year I gave exam of class 5th and have passed the exam, and I start taking an interest in my studies. I start looking towards those students who had passed their middle class from Shimshal and have been moved toward the city for getting higher education. When they were on their vacations in Shimshal, I became really impressed by the way they talked, the neat and clean dress they were wearing, and this has created an interest in me that I should also go downside (in the urban area) for getting higher education.
I want to mention another event here, whenever I came back from school my cousin Ghulam Ali Shah always used to ask me some question. As usual, one day he asked me to write the Urdu alphabet, but I couldn’t write that. So he said that “You will be ashamed that you are in class 6th but not able to write the Urdu alphabet, I have passed only class 5th but I can do it easily.” So he assigned this duty to two of my sisters that they should teach me the alphabet, they taught me and it gave me courage on the other hand. They also taught me counting from one to ten, because my interest was more towards English. When I was in class 6th then another event happened to me. One day we were studying in the library when Qudrat took our dictation, but all my dictations were wrong. He did the correction on the spot and asked me to prepare it again and that he will take the dictation after two days. So after reaching home I have repeated that for many times and have learned that.
When I was in 7th class, a research program (“Environment Education Programme” where school children collect data about different aspect of the village life which is published on the end of the year) was started by a Japanese man Hidieki janab (Mr, sir), I took part in that program and it has increased my interest towards education. Inayat Ali bhai was giving us a lecture about that program, when he was using English words somewhere; I became surprised and wished that alas! I would be like him to speak in English. In Hidieki janab’s program I have been selected the Chairman of the “Research Committee on politics and economics”…I was selected as a Chairman because of my height [joking] - our committee consisted of eight members.
That research proved fortunate for me, because I got the opportunity to do something. While doing my research I got guidance from ustad Daulat Amin, I learned how to write a report, I also got the opportunity to present my report before the public, (the results are demonstrated by the students in front of the villagers on different i.e. festivals) and I did it. After this I compete my class fellow Sultan Rahim who was position holder of our class from class one, while I was standing on second position. Now I wished that I should get 1st position next time. My family members became so happy when I got 1st position. My father specially advised me and he gave the example of ustad Daulat Amin: “he is having a good status in our society. We are also living in the same [society] but due to education he is having a different status. So you also work hard and try to be like him.” Ustad Daulat Amin also advised me that I should work hard, so I continued the hard work and have achieved my target by securing 1st position in my class. This has increased my parents’ affection towards me.
Section 4
You are the only son of your parents, so I would like to know about your behaviour and attitude at home?
As you know I was the only son of my parents due to which I was not only dear to my parents but to all my other family members. All parents love their kids but my parents were loving to me beyond the limitation. I will give you the example that whenever I returned from playing I used to order whatever I wanted to eat, and they were preparing it without any delay. Sometimes I used to ordered chilpindok (large chapattis spread with qurut – local dried cheese - and butter stacked in piles), they start preparing it at the same time, if I notice that the bread is not fully round or the cheese is more sour than usual then I used to reject it. So my family members were supposed to accept my demands at all cost without wasting time, and they were doing it because they didn’t want to see me disappointed.
Due to this, most of the time I didn’t let my family members eat the food which was already rejected by me, I used to demand that this food should be kept on the tok (rack made in the entrance of the traditional houses) till the next food is ready. Actually I was not hungry but my eyes were hungry (a Wakhi proverb).
The second thing whenever I didn’t go to school, my parents never asked me that why I have not gone to school. They couldn’t see me angry. I was also dear to the villagers and the reason behind was that all the villagers were respecting my father because he was a wise man and volunteering for community services. All these things became a base for my mental strength, and I always wished that I should be dearer to them all.
Section 5
As you mentioned that you were so dear to all and you have got the benefits, now I want to know whether your father did any planning for your future or not?
As I told you before my parents gave me extra care, and as a result I became careless, then my father became more strict with me. When I reached class 7th or 8th, then my father disallowed me from playing games with my cousin. And he advised me that I should play for one hour a day, concentrate on my studies, adopt the company of good friends, and not make myself ashamed in the society, not to steal and he also forbid me from doing other bad things, and taught me about good things.
He used to advise me by giving his own example that “I am an illiterate person, but I always tried to be a respectable member of society, and I am thankful to God for his blessings - that nobody hates me in the village, and everybody is respecting me and I am having a status in this society. If you don’t concentrate on your studies and start doing bad things then people start asking that whose son is this? And people will reply that he is the son of that respectful person, and I will be ashamed in return.”
So my parents have adopted different methods to make me understand about living in the society in a respectable manner. My mother had never been so strict with me, but my father advised me with the passage of time while keeping in mind the need of the time. He was saying that “we were also dearer to our parents like you, but you see how we changed our lives. We did hard work to make us able to stand on this position. So it is time to change yourself, otherwise you will have to live like animals. So do bring some change in your thinking pattern.” I felt these things and start bringing change in myself
When I reached in class 8th I start sitting till late night to do my studies. I start doing combined studies with my friends, because awareness was creating within me slowly. Before this I was only playing games with my friends and nothing else. Aziz Karim and Imtiaz Ahmed were my friends and we used to go to each one’s homes for doing our studies at nights. And all these changes were due to my father’s advice.

Dear Sala (Urdu word used for brother-in-law) you have mentioned your father’s advice, no doubt your father was a great person not for your family but for all of us. When he passed away what was your reaction at that time, how did you feel his absence, tell us in detail?
I was coming towards the same topic, but you have asked the question first. Everyone loves his or her parents, and definitely this type of situation is unbearable for everyone, when their loved ones leave them alone. I will tell you about the death of my father in detail. When I gave the examination of class 8th, by the grace of God I got 1st position. Our result was announced in the Jamat khana (religious community centre of Ismaili Muslims), and I was given a prize. My father was very happy at that time, he told me that I am proud that my son got good marks, and it is a privilege for me. I have been encouraged and was given money to buy books for the next class.
At that time ustad Daulat Amin was going to Gilgit and he promised me to bring the books. Before the return of ustad Daulat Amin, once suddenly my father came from the jungle (forest) carrying firewood and complaining about his bad health. Usually I used to sleep with my father, during the night of his complaints I noticed that his health was getting worse and worse. My father looked at my face and told me that I should sleep separately because he had noticed the fear on my face. At the same time Ghulam Shah bhai came to my father, he was also worried about my father’s health.
In the morning my father asked that we should call Uncle Maskin. He came and gave him courage to be brave to fight against the illness. On the next day we called the doctor (the village dispenser), he treated my father as best as he could, but all in vane. Instead of improving, his health started falling day by day. The doctor sent Sher Ahmed bhai to Gilgit (a 6-day round way walking from the village and two days by car in those days) for bringing medicine. But it all depends upon God wishes, if he doesn’t wished then a person can’t do anything. As you asked about my feelings at that time, when my father fell ill, I lost my senses and forget about my surroundings.
I couldn’t bear my father’s illness, when he used to take long long breath then something used to prevail on my mind; the same condition remained for four days. I was so worried about his health, because I can’t see him in that condition. My relatives gave me courage by saying that it is a seasonal disease and your father may get well soon. But on 24th of January I was not willing to go outside to play, but all my relatives insisted me that I should go outside to play with my friends, because they don’t want to see me worried. khalifah (local religious leader) Maskin has given courage to me by giving his own example that when his father died he was of my age, so you have to be brave to bear such type of problems. I became satisfied by his advice and went out with my friends to play, but anyway such things effect you in one way or another.
One day when I came back from playing, before entering the house I listened from outside to whether father is breathing loudly or not, but I heard nothing and became so worried. So instead of entering the home I went to the roof, when I was looking down inside the home through the traditional window, Uncle Chogh Bai (my father’s close friend) saw me and came out to take me inside. When I was coming down from the stairs, he came towards me and said come in come in. I became so worried and understood that there is something wrong, that is why this person has came out to take me inside. The question was in his mind, when he again asked me “chalo, chalo” (go, go), I was in front of him, and he was behind me while entering the home. When I was in, I looked on the place where my father was sleeping, but after a while I found him dead.
[When Shaheen Karim told me that his father was dead, at that time tears became in his eyes. his conditions show that his father had died now. So I gave him courage that it is the system of the world, everyone in this world has to die one day, may be the person is the king or the servant.]
After some time when I saw my father dead, then I started crying, I felt that there is nothing left behind for me in this world. I thought of myself that what I should do now, who would be responsible for me. I found the same night very long like a century. Every second and every moment was just like a hell for me. The same question came in my mind repeatedly that what would happen with me. When I looked down at the coffin of my father, I remembered the love and affection of my father, I also remembered his advice.
When these things passed through my mind, it looked like someone is passing a knife through my heart. All my relatives came to me to give me courage but the moment was unbearable for me, because my father had died. On the next day when the coffin of my father has taken to the qabristan (burial place) for burial, I really became scared. And the sacredness goes up when I saw all my relatives standing outside my home. I was worried not only that day but the same condition remained throughout the year. I felt the absence of my father, but things happened in the way as it was before, like the meetings in the village, which my father was usually attending. I felt his absence more when I saw my friends with their fathers.
My mother and my other family members always tried that I may not feel my father’s absence, but my father had his own importance to me and no one can replace his place. But on the other hand my mother was alive and she was there for me to depend on. I got relaxation whenever my mother used to give me courage. But it is natural that slowly it went out from my mind. But as I told you that whenever I saw my father’s friends going to attend meetings at the community level or seeing them somewhere else I felt his absence a lot. And secondly I miss him when it is time to celebrate different traditional occasions like Shegd Saal (New Year/Nauroz), Tagam (sowing festival), or Kethedith (Spring festival) etc when all the family members used to gather at one place and go to each one’s home. During these times not only me but all our family members have missed him
I was worried for my father as well as for my studies, because there was no one who could support me further. So I thought that I should leave my studies. Ustad Daulat Amin always came to our home and used to advise me that I should do my studies and gave me courage all the time. One day he came to me and said that I should go to Gilgit for further studies. Although I refused to do that but my mother also insisted that I should go to Gilgit, she said that “it was your father’s wish that you must get education, so you have to be like a good son.” My mother also gave the example of good people from Shimshal who have completed their education and are respected in the village.
Ghulam Shah bhai also suggested that “you should stay in the Shah Karim Hostel (Gilgit) during your studies”, because at that time Shah Karim Hostel was producing good students. So I became interested to continue my further studies. When Ghulam Shah bhai brought me to Gilgit then Ghulam Karim bhai insisted that I should stay in his home instead of staying in the hostel. My uncles have eight sons, so everyone has supported me that I should not feel the absence of my father, they were very cooperative with me all the time, and have always tried to give me courage.
When I got admission in the hostel so I missed my parents very much, and the memories of the past have also made me worried about the village life. I anxiously missed my parents whenever my roommate’s parents used to come to the hostel for meeting him. I always thought that I am unlucky to lose my father, but at the village my mother was always there to fill the gap.
Section 8
Obviously different events take place in one’s life, but the death of the parents is too difficult to bear. But you have borne that shock and have continued your education while living in a hostel; I would like you to tell us about your hostel life?
I was interested to join hostel life. In the beginning when I joined the hostel I was even not familiar to speak Urdu language very well. All the boys were from different places, and the superintendent was also unknown to us. While in Shimshal the Head Master was our own brother ustad Daulat Amin. In the beginning it was too difficult for me to adjust myself to the totally different environment. The boys in our school were looking like fighters, while in the village I thought myself superior to the other boys due to ustad Daulat Amin, but in front of the boys of Gilgit I forgot myself, and I remained so worried for more than two weeks after my admission.
At that time Ghulam Karim bhai was performing his job in Hunza. One day he came from Hunza to meet me and became so worried when he saw me, he tried to make me cool by saying that your friends would be playing tuksori (game similar to cricket) now in the village, while listening this I started crying, and he also started crying with me. So Ghulam Karim bhai talked with the superintendent that I should live with him in his home, but the superintendent didn’t agree to this proposal, he said that “I would prefer the hostel environment for him to study and [this is ] also for his better future.”
Anyway I went with Karim bhai, but spent only three days in his home and came back to the hostel. During my stay at home Asad bhai had gone to the hostel and told the warden that I should live at home, and I was not aware of that. After four days when I came back from home I noticed that I had been discharged from the hostel, I became so upset, but fortunately the superintendent Muhammad Raza was a man of kind nature, he readmitted me to the hostel, because he knew about my past history.
While living there he took good care of me, and Shujahat was also there and he guided me all the time, because he was senior then me. Shujahat told me about the manners like eating food, studies, wearing clothes and other activities like attending classes, going to the library and offering prayers etc and these things gave me courage. I was very active in offering my prayers before coming to the hostel and this was due to ustad Majnoon’s efforts. When I offered prayers in the hostel for the first time, then the superintendent became so happy, and appreciated me for that.
Whenever I faced some difficulties Shujahat was always there to give me guidance. I felt that the environment of the hostel and the system of education at the school was good and different from Shimshal. In Shimshal even though I was doing my studies at home - and I usually felt that perhaps I am doing more studies - but that proved wrong while joining the hostel, in the hostel I have to study four times more than that to get good marks.
There were more genius and intelligent students in my class. I start thinking myself inferior to those students, but slowly I tried to overcome this problem. Keeping in mind all these situations, I started working hard. Tuition class was arranged for us in the hostel, and we were teaching mathematics and English during the class.
I took more interest in those classes, and in the end I got 2nd position in my class in High School No. 1. Although it was not possible, because there were sixty students in our class, and it was too difficult for me to get good marks. After passing my exams Ghulam Karim bhai suggested to me that I should go to Shimshal to spend my vacations with my mother in Shimshal. When I came back to the hostel, Shujahat had already left the hostel after the Matric (secondary school certificate, 10th class) exams. But I continued working hard (in the absence of his friend) because I was aware of my responsibility.
We got preparation leave of two months before the final exams of our Matriculation, and we were supposed to stay at the hostel for our preparation. During that period Ghulam Karim bhai asked me to go to Shimshal, perhaps he was aware of my mother’s illness. When I reached home I found my mother in the same condition as it was during the time of my father’s illness. I was already worried due to my father’s death, but on the other hand I was happy because my mother was all right. But now I have lost all my senses due to my mother’s illness, because there was not any other source of support for me. Coincidently my father and my mother have died on the same date that is 25th January.
Section 9
How long your mother remained alive after your father’s death?
Yes, two years, my father died in 1995 and my mother on 25th January 1997 when I was doing my Matric. By chance my father and mother died on the same date, that is on 25th January. On the day of her death my mother specially advised me that I should complete my studies; she emphasised that I should get education and not waste the money spent on me by my cousins. She advised that I must concentrate on my education to brighten my future, and to take care of my sisters. While listening to this advice I left my home and went to ustad Daulat Amin’s residence.
When I came back I saw my cousin Ghulam Ali Shah bhai standing on the door of my house. He was looking so worried at that time. When I entered the home I found the same situation as I saw during the death of my father, that my mother had already passed away. So I have to pass through the same pain and worries as I went through during the death of my father. Again I forgot everything about myself and education was far away from me, even I can’t think about my life.
Although I was thinking that I would get good marks in my Matric like my 9th class to give my mother happiness. But time never gave its hands to me and my mother died before my exams. After the death of my mother I start feeling myself lonely in my home. My sisters had got married and I always found my cousins at home and not a single person from my immediate family. But my cousins and uncles were very cooperative; they always tried that I should not feel lonely at home. But mothers have their own place and no one can fulfil their place, and no one can refuse their love and affection. But anyway my cousins and uncles have always given me great care.
Before her death, one day my mother told me that “you are showing endearment to me, but after my death you should not show these endearments to your cousins. I am telling you about these things because after my death you have to live with the sons of your uncles.” My mother told me so, because I was always demanding for some food without keeping in mind that what time is it, whether it is breakfast time, lunch time or dinner time. Whenever I felt hungry I used to demand that she prepares such a dish for me. And they were not supposed to refuse me at all. After the death of my mother, one day I came back from playing and as usual ordered my cousin’s wife Aslee Numa to prepare something for me, although she prepared a dish for me.
On the next day the same thing happened again with me, I took my lunch an hour before, but after coming back from play I was hungry again, but didn’t order while keeping in mind the advice of my late mother that I should not tease my bhabhi (brother’s or cousin’s wife), and should lessen my endearments. I was thinking about my mother’s advice, when suddenly tears started falling from my eyes without any gap. When my cousins saw me crying they also started crying with me, because they thought I am missing my mother. After a while they asked the reason that why I am crying, then I told them that I am hungry. So they advised me that whenever I feel hungry I should tell them without any hesitation, and they would be always ready to prepare whatever I want to eat.
While thinking about my studies, I felt that I forgot everything and it would not be possible for me to do my Matriculation. But on the other hand my family members insisted that I should continue my studies. So I again joined the hostel in Gilgit, but Karim bhai and ustad Daulat Amin insisted that I should stay at their home. Although I left the hostel and stayed at their place, but I found it difficult to do my studies well there, the main reason was that my mind had been divided into two parts and I couldn’t concentrate on my studies.
Exams were held and as our results have been declared after sometime. And as I told you that I was not as good in maths as in the other subjects and that is why I couldn’t pass that subject. This failure wasted the whole year of mine. I passed the subject in the supplementary examination. The only reason behind my failure was my mother’s death which took place only one month before my exams.
Section 11
As you told us about the sorrows, which you faced during your lifetime, no doubt sorrows and happiness are considered to be man’s partner during his life. I would like that you should tell us some of the happy moments you have passed through?
In fact as you said that man’s life is a combination of these two things i.e. happiness and sorrow. So I also got much much happiness in my life. Like, when my father was selected the representative for many voluntarily organisations that was a source of happiness for me. Secondly, when I secured position in 7th and 8th class that also gave me encouragement. When I got admission in High School No. 1 Gilgit along with admission in the Shah Karim Hostel Gilgit that gave me more happiness, because such institutions were for those students who are extraordinary in their studies, who are competing with the students outside Gilgit. High School No.1 is a unique institution.
It was a dream for me to get a position in class 9th in that school. But anyway I secured 2nd position in my class. But I didn’t realised that I showed a good performance at all, but at the annual prize distribution ceremony when some prominent personalities of Gojal, like Muzaffar ud Din of Shimshal, were present - on that occasion, I felt proud to get a prize in front of those well educated personalities. During the function the stage secretary shortly did my introduction to call me on the stage, and I have been given a shield for securing second position in my class in High School No.1.
I felt very proud to get that shield in front of those very well educated people of our Gojal. At the end of the function Ghulam Amin Baig, Muzaffar ud Din and some other officers of our Gojal gave me congratulations and gave me courage on the other hand. It gave me happiness, and I became more enthusiastic to make more efforts to get good marks. This was the happiest moment of my life which will never be forgotten.

After securing good marks what planning you did for your future at that time?
After doing my Matric I waited one year, the reason was that the admission time has passed and I have been informed when it was too late. During that period I remembered the day when I received the shield in my hostel with pride, I thought that it is very important for me to maintain the same position at any cost. Although I was very much upset due to my household problems, but on the other hand I saw people’s trend toward education that how they are paying concentration on their education. In the past when someone passed their Matriculation they were supposed educated, but the time is now changed. Now we have to struggle further. On the other side there were financial problems also.
Although in the hostel my cousins Daulat Amin, Ghulam Shah and Ghulam Karim had never let me realise this situation that I am financially weak. They always paid my tuition fee on time. The amount they invested on my education was too much. I am still enthusiastic to get further education, but I don’t want to be still dependent on my cousins. And that is why I thought of an alternate way for this purpose, that is doing a job along with my studies. My cousins have suggested that I should take admission in Islamabad or
Peshawar for further studies.
I got information from different people about these cities and have decided to remain in a place where I can easily do a job along with my studies. So I decided to come to Karachi, because it is the only city where you can easily work with your studies and which is not too much costly. And this decision was against the wish of my cousins, they were angry with me now and have told me that I must not be worried about the expenses needed for my education.
My cousins were of the opinion that Karachi’s environment is not suitable for education, but I insisted to get my education from Karachi. Now they all have advised me that I should not do a job along with studies. They suggested for getting admission in a good college and take a house for rent where I would live along with Ashraf Karim and they (cousins) will pay for all the expenses.
Before going to Karachi I took information from Uncle Amjad Ali and he promised for all sort of cooperation when I will be in Karachi. When I was going to Karachi, Ghulam Karim bhai advised me that after reaching to Karachi you must write me a letter that how much amount you need for your monthly expenses, I will pay for you. While Ghulam Shah bhai gave money for paying my travelling cost from Gilgit to Karachi.
I stopped him to give any extra amount by saying that I will inform you later on the basis of the situation in Karachi. People were of the opinion that getting jobs is easy in Karachi, but when I reached Karachi, I found the situation different here while searching a job for me. I observed that those people can get jobs easily who have knowledge of computer, typing skills and have command over English Language. And unfortunately I was not in touch with all these things.
I am grateful to Uncle Amjad Ali who played an important role to make me able to study on a self help basis while helping me to get a job to bear all my expenses to continue my education. Because I was only concerned with my studies, and not concerned with the nature of job which I am doing. My main aim was that not to be dependent on my cousins during my studies. I am successfully doing so now.
Section 12
Could you please tell me about changes within the society that how changes can take place in the society?
It is a very good question. It is my own idea, and I want to suggest the same thing for those friends who are younger than me that whatever cultural trends, traditions and cultural values we have in our society they should be kept alive and we must practice them all.
Our society (Shimshal) has a very pious culture and traditions; I am feeling the importance of our culture here in the city very much. In a city people are living within one flat but we never tried to know about our neighbours who are living upstairs, or downstairs. We are not aware of each other’s pain and pleasure. But in Shimshal the situation is totally different, we participate (share) in everyone’s sufferings and happiness.
I want to suggest that my friends should not leave the culture, traditions and values of their society, and bring change with the passage of time in their society, that is fully concentrate on education. And well educated people are the only source who can bring positive changes in our society. For the elders of our society, I request that they should activate educational activities and advise their children towards education.
Section 13
Have you ever served as a volunteer in any jamati (belonging to the jamat) institutions? If so then mention the name of that institution?
Yes, I am working as a “Boy Scout” and I would like to continue it in the future as well to serve for the betterment of our village.

Thank you very much. You made us aware about your present life and also about your future plans. So we hope that be a good human being, in future you will be able to serve our village as well as our country by following in the footsteps of your father. Thank you.